Vincenzo Tomini Foresti 

Is the beating heart of The Gate Communication
Managing Director, he supervises all the activities of the agency from a Marketing standpoint. He is in charge of customer relations. He is an expert in “Strategical connections”... his personal touch stands out in all the events he manages.

He is the newest arrival in the TGC team.
Expert in web marketing, in the analysis and monitoring of the latest trends in online communication, as well as in traditional communication.  He has been working on communication plans for years in several sectors, especially tourism.

Konstantinos Michail

He is the project manager. With his attention to detail and his analytical ability he is in charge of ensuring that all the projects meet customers’ needs.

Sylvie Fatoux

When an event or a convention needs to be arranged, be it for 10, 100 or 1000 people, she gets down to business, whether it be for. Her attention to detail and her visual imagination let her get the job done with elegance and style.

Valerio Tavani

Always attentive to “communicating to the world” thanks to his  year-long experience as press officer, in TGC he lends his skills to event organization and to the publishing activities of the agency.


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